Entry level awards, Certificate & Diploma in Credit & Collections (Level 2)

This is our entry level qualification which aims to improve your skills and help you gain recognition in your role.  It will raise your confidence and performance in day-to-day tasks and build your skills ready for the next stage in your career. Full list of study texts and learning resources.

What will I learn?

This level will give you foundation knowledge about broad areas of credit and collections. It will help you understand and implement the principles of best practice to enhance and optimise day-to-day activities.

What will I gain?

Our structured approach to learning will improve your technical knowledge and teaches useful techniques which can be used daily.  A CICM qualification can increase your earning potential, even while you are still studying. 

The flexibility of our qualification structure means you can choose to study any of the level 2 awards and 'bank' them with us. Pass any two awards to achieve CICM Entry-level Certificate in Credit & Collections. Pass any four awards to achieve the CICM Entry-level Diploma in Credit & Collections.

Who is it for?

New recruits to credit and collections, such as apprentices and more experienced staff who are unqualified.  As a CICM student, you show employers that you have a commitment to upholding the highest professional standards and in raising personal performance.     

Can I get exemptions?

Yes, if you already have business related qualifications at an equivalent or higher level, you can apply for an exemption.

Get started

You have a choice of CICM awards (units).  Successful completion of any two will lead to the CICM Entry level Certificate in Credit & Collections, or four will lead to a CICM Diploma in Credit & Collections. Take your first step to being qualified, here

We encourage learners to start with one of the mandatory awards at Level 3. These are awarded at Level 2 or 3 depending on pass rate and help learners decide what level to progress with.