CICM Level 3 Diploma in Money & Debt Advice (ACICM)

This qualification links to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the Money and Debt Advice Service (MAS) framework for those delivering debt advice.  The Diploma demonstrates expertise and detailed knowledge in Money and Debt Advice.  It establishes the level of competency required for general debt advice roles such as Money and Debt Advice Advisors on the MAS framework.

What will I learn?

This level will give you in-depth knowledge about broad areas of Money and Debt Advice.  It will help you understand and implement the principles of best practice to enhance and optimise day-to-day activities.   

What will I gain?

You will gain a Diploma in Money and Debt Advice and will be eligible to use ACICM letters after your name (if this is at Level 3 and you remain a CICM member).  Depending on your results this award will either be at Level 2 or Level 3.  Our structured approach to learning will improve your technical knowledge and teaches useful techniques which can be used daily.  A CICM qualification can increase your earning potential, even while you are still studying.

Who is it for?

Individuals who work in debt advice and wish to raise their profile and prepare for the next level of responsibility for example a debt advice team leader, trainer or manager.  It is for those who wish to show employers a commitment to uphold the highest professional standards and in raising personal performance.

Can I get exemptions from units?

Yes, you can apply for an exemption if you hold similar awards accredited by the Money Advice Service.

How to get started

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