Advancing the credit profession

Moderator Feedback Reports


Credit & Collections Qualification

Level 2

Credit Control Collections
Business Communications and Personal Skills (Coming Soon)
Commercial Telephone Collections (Coming Soon)
Consumer Telephone Collections (Coming Soon)

Level 3

Advanced Business Communications and Personal Skills
Advanced Collections
Credit Risk Management
Debt Recovery Management
Advanced Enforcement

Level 5

Advanced Credit Risk Management
Compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
Legal Proceedings & Insolvency
Process Improvement
Strategic Communications and Leadership
Strategic Planning


Credit Management Qualification


Applied business communications and personal skills
Cash Collections
Credit Application Processing
Credit Risk Assessment
Collections Team Management
Customer Relations and Cash Collections
Debt Recovery
Negotiation Influencing
Rent Collections
Telephone Collections


Money and Debt Advice Qualification


General Money & Debt Advice principles & practice
Debt Prioritisation principles & practice
Court Procedures and Enforcement Action principles & practice
Non-statutory solutions & budgeting advice principles & practice
Statutory solutions & budgeting advice principles & practice
Money & Debt Advice Call Handling principles & practice



Debt Collection Qualification


Preparation for Debt Collection
Debt collection negotiations principles and practice
Debtor Call Handling principles and practice
Debt Repayment Monitoring principles and practice
Debt Collection Operations Manager



High Court Enforcement


Advanced Enforcement
HCEO Fees and Accounting
Less Common Writs
Transfer up to High Court
Writ of Control Principles and Practice
Writ of Possession Principles and Practice