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Award: Writs of Control Principles


Aims to build the understanding of how to conduct enforcement of Writs of Control.  Includes understanding the role and responsibilities of a High Court Enforcement Officer in relation to Writs of Control.

We recommend you take the Writs of Control Practice unit at the same time as by submitting both assignments together you only pay one assessment fee.


Syllabus Topics

  • Receive, check and archive Writ.
  • Check priority.
  • Calculation of amounts owed.
  • Preparation of authority.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Dynamic risk assessment.
  • HCEO Regulations and National Standards.
  • Organisational  policies  and  procedures  including  identification,  dealing  with  abusive  and vulnerable persons.
  • Legislation: diversity & human rights, vulnerable persons, gaining lawful entry, health & safety, data protection, exempt goods.
  • Insolvency rules.
  • Final returns.
  • Civil Procedure Rules.
  • Enforcement of a Judgment.
  • HCEO Regulations and Code of Practice.
  • Money laundering regulations.