Advancing the credit profession

Award: Process Improvement


The unit aims to develop the ability to monitor, review and improve business processes in own area of responsibility.

Syllabus Topics

  • Benefits and potential difficulties associated with business process management
  • Lean Six Sigma, Streamlined Process Improvement (SPI) and Continuous Improvement methodologies
  • Use of tools and techniques to identify areas for improvement including value stream mapping, statistical process control and the DMAIC problem solving process.
  • Critical business processes and preliminary boundaries
  • Creation of process improvement team and project plan including reporting
  • Mapping and documenting current business processes including employee observations and process walk-through
  • Cost, cycle time and output analysis
  • Remove non-value-adding process steps through leaning, cleaning and greening
  • Selecting best-value future-state solutions
  • Validation and verification of changed process.
  • In-process measurement and feedback systems
  • Implementation plans including change effect measurements and continuous improvement, with consideration of the implementation, review and communication of strategy
  • SWOT construction and analysis.