Advancing the credit profession

Award: Strategic Planning


The unit aims to develop the ability to map the environment in which a business operates and benchmark operational performance in a way which raises strategic planning and communication skills. 

Syllabus Topics

  • Information sources, e.g. business report, industry regulator, league table, intranet, press report, competitor data.
  • PESTEL construction and analysis.
  • External environmental factors including macro and micro economics, distinguishing economic features, competitive forces and common driving forces of change.
  • Internal environmental factors, including resources, capabilities, competitive power, costs and prices.
  • Strategic factors, including business modeling, corporate governance, functional area and operating strategies; organisational objectives and goals; vision, mission, values, service level agreements (SLA).
  • Best practice frameworks using key success factors, competitor analysis, industry standards and quality benchmarks, e.g. QICM, TQM, CSE, ISO, SOX.
  • Benchmarking using best practice standards to measure performance; key performance indicators, performance measurements, e.g. DSO, balanced scorecard, SLA, customer service standards, departmental targets and success criteria.
  • Decision making including communication of plan via action plans and reports; outcomes of success criteria; implementation and review.