Advancing the credit profession

Award: Commercial Telephone Collections


This entry level award develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for commercial telephone collections work.

Syllabus Topics

1. Commercial telephone collection (10%)

  • Qualities required for commercial telephone collections work
  • Organisational measurement of quality of telephone collections

2. Main customer types and collection processes (15%)

  • Identification of main types of customers in arrears
  • Organisational collection process for each customer type
  • Objective of collection calls for each customer type

3. Rules relating to commercial telephone collections (10%)

  • Key laws and regulations
  • Key organizational rules required to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requriements

4. Conducting commercial telephone collection calls (30%)

  • Organisation of commercial collections calls
  • Structure of commercial telephone collections calls
  • Techniques to build customer relations
  • Excuses for late payment
  • Vocal techniques used in commercial collections calls
  • Post call action

5. Effective negotiations (25%)

  • Assertiveness during commercial collections calls
  • Influencing techniques used during commercial collection calls
  • Overcoming resistance during commercial collections calls
  • Negotiation in a commercial collections call
  • Handling disputes and dealing with angry callers

6. Reflective practice (10%)

  • Explanation of key personal strengths in collections call handling
  • Reflection on work and learning activities to make improvements to performance