Advancing the credit profession

Award: Advanced Business Communications and Personal Skills


This intermediate award develops advanced business communications and personal skills for advanced credit controller, debt collection specialist and enforcement work.

Syllabus Topics

1.    Customer relationship building (22%)

  • Meaning of excellent customer service
  • Questioning techniques to understand customer’s requirements
  • Positive resolution of difficult situations

2.    Communication and negotiation skills (22%)

  • Negotiation with colleagues/customers at all levels
  • Negotiation in difficult situations
  • Communication using a range of media

3.    Working relationships (14%)

  • Building good working relationships that achieve results
  • Working effectively with other business areas

4.    Time management and continuous improvement (21%)

  • Organisation of work to achieve targets and improve working practices
  • Identification of improvements to working practices
  • Ownership of specific changes through to implementation

5.    Reflective practice (21%)

  • Evaluation of skills and practice
  • Assessment of changes in approach and outcome
  • Action planning to improve performance