Advancing the credit profession

Award: Advanced Collections


This intermediate award develops advanced collection knowledge and skills required for advanced credit controller and debt collection specialist work.

Syllabus Topics

1.    Organisation of collections work (22%)

  • Organisation collections strategy
  • Prioritisation of collections work
  • Management of collections activity at different stages of collections cycle

2.    Collections skills and tools (22%)
•    Different methods of contact
•    Communications skills used in negotiating repayment
•    Tools which maximise collections without damaging customer goodwill

3.    Customer relationship management (14%)

  • Challenges of managing internal and external relationships
  • Positive outcomes for a range of stakeholders

4.    Advanced collections work (21%)

  • Advanced collections work including customers with complex requirements
  • Handling of customers with complaints or disputes
  • Handling challenging customer behaviour

5.    Reflective practice (21%)

  • Evaluation of skills and practice
  • Assessment of changes in approach and outcome
  • Action planning to improve performance