Advancing the credit profession

Award: Credit Risk Management


This intermediate award develops the credit risk management skills of advanced credit controllers and debt collection specialists.

Syllabus Topics

1.    Credit risk of an organisation (8%)

  • Factors affecting credit risk

2.    Credit risk management (25%)

  • Legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Organisational policies and procedures
  • Tools and systems

3.    Role of stakeholders (17%)

  • Role of internal and external stakeholders in credit risk assessment
  • Balancing different stakeholder requirements

4.    Credit risk assessment (25%)

  • Assessment of credit risk using tools, systems and relevant stakeholders
  • Making justified credit decisions or recommendations
  • Dealing with complaints using referral or resolution

5.    Reflective practice (25%)

  • Evaluation of skills and practice
  • Assessment of changes in approach and outcome
  • Action planning to improve performance