The recognised standard

Value of Qualifications

CICM qualifications are the recognised standard in the credit and collections industry

This is what specialist national recruitment organisation HAYS say:

”Employers view qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) as desirable and it is rare to see credit management job specifications that do not request CICM qualified candidates. In credit management, a clear correlation exists between training and business performance”.

Our vast expertise and experience in credit and collection education is underpinned by extensive research with key partners in the wider business community to ensure that our qualifications are up to-date, progressive, and industry-relevant. They are designed to deliver direct value to individuals and the businesses that they work for.

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Some of the benefits of taking CICM qualifications:

  • You will be more confident, better equipped to do your job, and gain a better understanding of your role
  • You will gain recognition - More advanced CICM qualifications give you letters to use after your name, demonstrating your pride and commitment to your profession
  • You will enhance your career opportunities and increase your earning potential
  • You will network with subject-matter experts and other credit professionals who can support you and share best practice
  • You will have choices in the areas where you wish to specialise
  • You will enhance your professional credibility in your own organisation
  • You will know that the learning experience is directly relevant to improving your performance in your role and based on the very latest thinking in the credit industry
  • You can chose a learning method that not only suits your preferred learning style – but also fits with your lifestyle
  • You will get the benefits of being a member of the World's largest professional association for the credit profession

CICM qualifications are the only qualification in the industry that are Ofqual and Qualification Wales regulated, ensuring they meet the stringent criteria and quality standards set by the official regulatory bodies of England and Wales.

We recognise that there are other providers of training in this area, but if you are serious about a career in one of the many specialist areas of credit and collections work, or maybe just want to keep your options open for the future, there is ONLY ONE provider who can give you a RECOGNISED QUALIFICATION and support you on your journey - CICM.

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